HOTGOTHIC: “We are at our hottest when we are close up and personal”

Go on with our quarantine interviews and it’s time to talk with this naughty trio from London and to be honest we would do it up closer, even if we just want to visit them, we’re sure that house arrest with these guys will be a big fun and we won’t talk about the weather in London.

It’s about the HOTGOTHIC and their tickling rhythm

We need more electricity and gritty post-punk riffs

  We need to step on the clouds with their crackrock and

 Please, somebody hangs on the door

“Don’t Disturb”  

The party is comin’

Let it bleed dangerous noise and put more ice in that whiskey jar when it’s getting very




“Full throttle, aggressive, fighting music, you can almost see the heap of sweaty bodies climbing over each other at the front of the stage, soaked in strobe lights and dry ice.” – Louder Than War

In 2019, Hotgothic released their self titled album HOTGOTHIC,

but stop wasting our time, play HOTGOTHIC NOW

 Here we are with Katy (keyboards), Jonno (bass) and Stacy Picard- Malibu (vocal)

1. Johnny Rotten told Q Magzine that “I don’t make music for personal gratification, I do it just because I’m ALIVE.” Hi, guys, I’m very pleased to meet you, even on FB! Tell us, why you make music?

Malibu: I definitely do it for personal gratification and I’m suspicious of people who say they don’t. There is very little out there as fun and personally satisfying as strutting about like a coked-up peacock to throbbing electronic beats and distorted bass.

Dr Jacket: to be honest I don’t know if there’s much I enjoy in life more than playing a great gig for a great crowd, or nailing a great take in the studio, or coming up with an outrageously funky bassline that’s just a shade away from ripping off someone far more talented than myself. So I guess I’d have to disagree with Mr Rotten on the personal gratification thing. And probably a great many other things too if I think about it, he’s certainly got more than a touch of douchebag about him 

K: I want personal gratification BECAUSE I’m alive, I make music for personal gratification, I want music because I’m alive.

HotGothic, 2019

2. Who are Hotgothic and if you have two toilet papers will you give one to your neighbour? Many jokes came out during the pandemic so that’s one of them (hahha) and we found out at some articles that your texts were considered as a sarcastic (maybe some of these jokes would take a good part in your future lyrics), so the question is: Are you a type of gang that would immediately enter into the top news flow. For example, if we are talking about Brexit, write lyrics about Brexit, if we are talking about a pandemic, make a piece for a pandemic. How much your music is influenced by the outside world?


“who are HOTGOTHIC?” K on Keys and BVs, Dr Jackit on Bass and BVs and myself Malibu on the mic

Dr Jacket: the precise answer to your question is 55%. So just over half of our songs are about the outside world and what’s going on. The other 45% is usually about dicks and sexually transmitted diseases. Which to be fair are always topical in their own right, so maybe the answer *is* actually more like 100%. I guess one thing we always aim for is to make sure even the topical lyrics are seeing things from a different angle. So there might be something written from the perspective of an alt-right asshole, and the aim is kind of just to let them skewer themselves in their own words.

Some people maybe don’t get it and think we’re being serious, but I don’t think anyone who’s really listening is going to mistake our intentions. And anyone who’s not really listening, they’re the ones that won’t get that spare roll of toilet paper from us.

Malibu: I concur with Jackit entirely some of our songs are frivolous party songs about drugs and fucking about but we are also, very much, an anti-capitalist band and there are many songs on the album attacking the mindset of our capitalist culture, issues like brexit, economic austerity, the manufacturing of consent for war have their roots in the free market, I’d say that all roads lead to Rome on the subject of topical issues.

Trumpcard, HotGothic, 2019

3. Your debut album was released in 2019, but we won’t ask you about it. People just have to let it go, press play and blur it with pleasure as we did. Rather, we’ll ask you, during “house arrest”, a person can somehow see things from a distance and maybe a change is gonna come. While listening HOTGOTHIC album, right now:

would you change anything of it? Do you say to yourself, for example … “oh no here we should have done this” or “this piece we shouldn’t have included it” How do you work as a team?

Dr Jacket: That’s always a hard question to answer, listening back on older work I can always hear things that we could have done differently – a backing vocal sung different, a better bass tone, whatever. But at some point, you gotta move on. Cause there’s always new stuff to make and if you keep sweating the old stuff then maybe that keeps you stuck in a rut. We always want to be ploughing a new groove and doing something different. But on the other hand, maybe there’s a happy medium?

While we’re under house arrest we’ve started revisiting some of the album tracks with an eye to remixing them. A chance to take some of our favourite bits, turn them around, and maybe see them in a new light. Maybe it’ll work, maybe it won’t, but the discovery is in doing it and not the finished product anyway.

Stacy Picard- Malibu (vocal)

4. While listening to your stuff, we feel like we are having a home party together, a party that we do not want to end. You have very strong synth jump, a typical London electro-punk sounding, catchy and at the same time always go by that lead motive, sth like “Fuck off we need more” So, how is going on the anarchy in England right now and what is it like?

What’s missing from dirty 80’s English punk nowadays?

Malibu: Well, first and foremost we are a party band, we want people to have a good time listening to us, there is quite a lot of “pop” in our music, we like to write catchy ‘sing-along’ choruses in the classic punk tradition but the UK punk scene is a bit of a strange beast and far more conservative, musically speaking, than you would think.

Much of the punk scene is in the classic drums, bass, guitar style and many punk traditionalists don’t like the formula being fucked with so we initially had a bit of trouble getting traction when we would turn up with a drum machine, bass, synth set up.

Dr Jacket: yeah, people would say that we weren’t a ‘punk’ band, or tell us how much they enjoyed a show, but how much better we’d sound with a real drummer and a guitarist!

Malibu: but over the last few years the idea of what punk can be has really changed, here in London there are some great club nights and venues that have really helped blur the defining lines, nights like Some Weird Sin, Roadkill and the scene that surrounds the Windmill in Brixton consistently put on acts that are increasingly hard to define but are punk in spirit. I think that some of the most exciting acts I’ve ever seen are happening around London right now and to answer your question the only thing that’s missing nowadays are live music venues, gentrification has led to many great clubs being closed down and despite the wealth of emerging talent out there the grassroots live music scene has been strangled till it’s blue in the face.

5. Where was your last gig before the pandemic and would you get on with a live stream? Isn’t it overdosed with FB’s streams, what do you think about it?

Katy: The last gig we played was at the Shacklewell Arms for long time pals Roadkill Records, in those days 2020 was fresh and sweet. We probably wouldn’t do a live stream. HG live is to be experienced, unless you can get Malibu to come through your laptop and roll on your floor sweating it’s not worth doing.

6. The phrase from the movie “Bruce Almighty”- “That’s the way the cookie crumbles”- makes me laugh, so how you crumble the cookie. When Hotgothic are the hottest?

Malibu: When we crowdfunded our album we pledged to play house parties for people who donated a large sum of money to its creation and they have been some of the most enjoyable shows I’ve ever done, squeezed into someone’s living room with 60/70 other people jumping around and making some noise has been great fun and a nice alternative to playing clubs. Local live scene legend and chronicler Adrian Kiff had us play his house, he actually set up a stage, sound desk and lighting all in his living room and had about 70+ guests there, it was fucking mental and probably one of the best shows we’ve played, I’d say we are at our hottest when we are close up and personal.

Dr Jacket: yeah we’re big fans of the house party gig format, we’ve played a fair few in simpler times. I don’t recall doing any permanent damage either. To the houses that is, I can’t speak for anyone’s lungs or livers. 

7. And the most given question for 3 months: What are you doing now? 

Malibu: I can’t speak for Jacket and Katy but I’m doing a lot of drinking but as far as the band goes…Just before the lockdown we had begun work on the next album and were recording together but that has come to an abrupt end for obvious reasons but as Jackit said earlier we have started a remix album/EP of last year’s record and also remixing the music videos that went with it. It’s quite fun revisiting that stuff with the intention of making new songs out of old material, so far it’s sounding very, very 80s. 

Dr Jacket: until I can properly get into my nu-metal inspired remix of Hold My Hand that is… 

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